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Unique Cool Classic Car Coffee Mugs

This is a sample of some of the cool classic coffee and tea car mugs that are available on my website. These are one of a kind custom images/photos on each mug.

There is a variety. Some of the cars here have been restored to perfect. And, then there are the cars and trucks that were found in rural areas that look like they are abandoned but, are not and were selling for parts.

You can also purchase these images in a variety of ways, wall art, life style, apparel, greeting cards, home decor, phone cases, beach. please see the link below these images and /or the slide shows below and, on the left side bar!

1937 Ford Cabriolet (LINK) This 1937 Ford was in a car show in Toledo, Oregon. It is an absolutely gorgeous automobile both inside and outside. The paint is a Robin's Egg Blue. The interior is leather with a medium brown insert and tan trim. The car was labeled a "Cabriolet" instead of a roadster. There was no apparent chrome, exterior-wise. In the background, is statue of an old salt fisherman. I converted the image into High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR). I than converted the image into an Impressionist Painting or, digital painting.
1948 Packard Super Eight Touring Sedan (LINK) Packard automobiles are among the best luxury cars ever made. At one time, they outsold Cadillac. Through the years, they were somewhat profitable but, at a point they decided to buy Studebaker to compete with Chevrolet and, that was their demise. Personally, I am more into the older Packards like, 1916 to about 1950 versus the later models. For the most part, they were classy, well-built and absolutely gorgeous. This great old Packard was featured in a car show on the Oregon Coast. This image has been converted to a digital Impressionist painting.

The Rusty Old Chevy Pickup (LINK) Just an old rusty Chevy pickup truck sitting out in a field, that nobody seems to care about! It has seen better days but, with a little bit of tender loving care could be like new! It is believed this is a circa 1947-49 Chevrolet Pickup. There were just subtle differences between years for this pickup. When photographed, there were many parts missing on the truck. So, good-luck identifying the year! Three different exposures were made of the Chevy Pickup. They were then combined and converted into High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR).
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1934 Ford Coupe (LINK) This is just a beautiful hot rod sitting on a side street in Oregon City, Oregon! Actually, it might be more accurate to say a classic car, not a hot rod that has been restored to better than original condition.
1950 Ford Coupe (LINK)A classic 1950 Ford Coupe. 1949 was the year that Ford really changed their design for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. Basically, you can tell the fifty Ford from the forty nine by looking at the parking lights on the front-end. The 49 had tear dropped shapes lights.
1957 Ford Thunderbird T-Bird (LINK) The early Ford Thunderbird (T Birds) will always be known as timeless classics and are highly sought after. The 1957, as shown here featured more trunk space than the original 1955, which was a common complaint with earlier owners. The '57 is considered to be the most desirable of the early T Birds. This image has been converted to a digital painting!
34 Chevy On The Prowl (LINK)Check out this cool 1934 Chevy Sedan! Scoot down the road with class! This is a real head turner unlike today's cars that all look alike. The paint on this car is absolutely gorgeous!

1938 Ford Convertible (LINK) A classic 1938 Ford Convertible!  A patriotic scene...and not staged with the American Flag proudly displayed on this old vintage car. Closer inspection of the Ford will yield a car for parts and not one that has been restored. The car has been sitting in a field for awhile with the top down and, in a rainy Oregon location that is not good! 

1929 Packard Phaeton (LINK) The 1929 Packard Phaeton is one of the most beautiful automobiles ever made.Touring at its best! Imagine going through the countryside with the top down! This is a magnificent automobile that will never be again! The first Packard automobiles were manufactured in 1899, and the last one off the assembly line in 1958. Packard was lead by its President and General Manager James Alvan MaCauley. He was inducted into the Automobile Hall of Fame. At one time, MaCauley made Packard the number one designer and producer of luxury automobiles in the United States.

1957 Buick (LINK) Are we rearing to go down the road with this cool old 57 Buick Coupe? Strapped on is a matching canoe...how neat is that?

Blue Classic Ford Truck (LINK) This classic 48 to 52 Ford truck was captured on a beautiful landscape setting  in Tillamook, Oregon and through special software was converted to High Dynamic Range Photography or, HDR. It hasn't moved for years! The exposure to the weather has pretty much rusted it out. It is becoming part of the landscape! There is something about old trucks that is just plain cool and intrigue us. Maybe, it's because they differ so much in design than the trucks produced today that, basically all look alike. Ford trucks like this F-Series began in January 1948. There was some 8 models of trucks: F-1 for half-ton pickup, F-2 for three-quarter ton, up to the F-7 and F-8 heavy-duty trucks. The base engine produced 95-horsepower. Optional was a flathead V8, producing 100-horsepower. The classic Ford truck pictured is a V8!

55 Chevy Coupe Bel Air (LINK) The 1955 Chevrolet (Chevy) is considered a huge turning point for General Motors and a major success. It was available in 3 models: the 150, 210, and Bel Air. The Bel Air being the luxury model.

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