Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lighthouse Wall Art

Since I live on the Central Oregon Coast, lighthouse art/photography is a passion! I live less than a mile from the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon.

I've posted a smattering of lighthouses here that I hope you will enjoy. All are on the west coast.

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Battery Point Lighthouse (LINK) The Battery Point Lighthouse is in Crescent City, California. It can only be accessed by foot in low tide. It was one of the first lighthouses on the California coast. It was built in the 1850's. Present day, there are caretakers that live in the lighthouse and conduct tours of the premises almost daily, depending upon the tides. The fourth-order Fresnel lens used in the lighthouse is on display along with historic photos and other lighthouse memorabilia. The structure is hand carved stone and the  brick tower is white square granite. The lighthouse is in the Cape Cod style. The height is 45 feet above sea level.
Trinidad Head Lighthouse (LINK) Trinidad Head Lighthouse is located on the Northern California Coast...of course in the town of Trinidad! The capture was made on a rather foggy day. The original lighthouse was built in 1871 and, consisted of a small two-story light tower, a Victorian style residence, and a barn.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse At Sunset (LINK) The Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a major attraction on the Central Oregon Coast! The lighthouse was constructed around 1868 and still uses its original  French-made, Fresnel lens! It has even been in the movies: "The Ring", "Hysterical" and in the television series "Nancy Drew Mysterious"! Recently, it received a looks better than ever! Folks come from all over the country to visit this magnificent lighthouse! There is also a visitor's center that is a must place to check out!
Umpqua River Lighthouse (LINK) The Umpqua River Lighthouse is located in Reedsport on the Southern Oregon Coast. It was originally built in 1855 but because of foundation issues was rebuilt in 1888. The lighthouse is 61 feet high and had a first order Fresnel lens. It was automated in 1966.The Umpqua River Lighthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. It can be seen 21 miles out at sea.
Across From The Coquille River Lighthouse (LINK) A capture of the Coquille River Lighthouse from across the Coquille River in Bandon, Oregon. The lighthouse has been out of use since the late thirties however, it is still maintained and visited by tourist from all over the world. 
Heceta Head Lighthouse (LINK) The lighthouse is located on the Oregon Coast between Yachats and Florence, Oregon. Off to the right, with the red roof is the Lighthouse Keeper's Home, which since has been converted into a Bed and Breakfast. For over 100 years, the Heceta Head Lighthouse has assisted ships and boats of all sizes to navigate the Pacific Ocean's treacherous currents. Heceta Head is named after Don Bruno de Heceta, a Spanish Explorer who in 1775 sailed up the West Coast.
Coquille River Lighthouse And Driftwood (LINK) On this beach, is one the largest collection of driftwood that you will ever run across! Winter is officially over and a whole winter's worth of driftwood has washed up on the beach. Off to the left is the Coquille River (not visible in the image) and, the Coquille River Lighthouse. In the background is the town of Bandon which is on the Southern Oregon Coast. The original name of the Coquille River Lighthouse was the "Bandon Light" and commissioned in 1895. The lighthouse became active in 1896. The light helped boaters avoid dangerous sandbars in the Coquille River and led them safely into the harbor at Bandon. The light contained a fourth-order Fresnel lens. In 1936, a large fire swept through Bandon and destroyed much of the town. Bandon became bankrupt. There was a decline in shipping and, the lighthouse was shut down. It was replaced by an automated light on the south jetty. So basically, the Coquille River Lighthouse has not been an active lighthouse for decades!
Afternoon At The Cape Meares Lighthouse (LINK) Cape Meares Lighthouse is located in Netarts, Oregon. It is located just west of Tillamook on the Oregon Coast and, at the north end of the Three Capes Scenic Area. The lighthouse is located up high were there are super viewpoints where folks can checkout off-shore rocks for native birds and  whale migrations.
Morning At The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (LINK) This is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is in Newport, Oregon. It hardly ever gets any TLC because the other lighthouse, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a working lighthouse and is the most popular one on the Oregon Coast. However, the Bay Lighthouse is staffed five hours a day by volunteers and, has tours and has a nice little gift shop. It is well worth visiting for that touch of nostalgia!

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