Sunday, October 29, 2017

Restaurant Art

Newport on the Central Oregon Coast has some very cool restaurants. Not just for just great eating but, for being architecturally pleasing and having quaint decor.

Two of these fine restaurants are "Ocean Bleu At Gino's" and "Nana's Irish Pub". I thought it would be interesting to convert them to Digital Impressionist paintings.

Gino's was captured way after everyone had gone home on a busy Sunday night. People were sitting at these outside tables only hours earlier.

Nana's was captured early on a dark Sunday morning.

Restaurant Art (LINK)"Ocean Bleu At Gino's" is a restaurant located on the Historic Bay Front in Newport on the Oregon Coast. It is a combo restaurant and seafood market. It is a colorful place to say the least with all the buoys, signs and flags. In short, it's a beachy place! And, features great seafood. The place is what the beach is all about! Gino's was captured just at the end of "Blue Hour".

Restaurant Art (LINK) Nana's Irish Pub is one of the most popular restaurants in the quaint Nye Beach District in Newport! They have corned beef to die for...especially when they put it on a Reuben! They don't do fat! It's a cool place to eat and drink. They have an outside area that is very popular in nice weather that you can people watch from!

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