Friday, April 13, 2012

Mary S. Young Park | Part Three

Mary S.Young Park Wooden Walkway
Sorry, only half of Mary S. Young Park is going to show up on these three posts..but I hope I captured some of the best, most photogenic parts of it.

The place is huge and is a very gracious gift to the people of West Linn, Oregon.  I'm sure they appreciate it very much.  It's kept very clean and I don't see any type of foul littering.

Most urban areas have some kind of park, ball fields, picnic areas...whatever. But, most do not have anything close to what this Park has to offer in the way of cool walking paths...and, that feeling of being out in the wilderness and breathing the air.

All of the photos here were taken with a Nikon Point and Shoot Camera and converted into High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)...processed through Photomatic software and finalized in Photoshop Elements. Things will look different to you...some folks like the look...some folks loathe it.

Mary S.Young Park Trillium

Mary S.Young Park
Oregon Grape
Mary S.Young Park
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