Thursday, August 22, 2013

Historic Home Tour | Dayton Oregon

This is the last post, for now, on the cool town of Dayton, Oregon and the "Historic Home Tour" that took place on August 17th. 

The first photo is of the "Mellinger House" constructed in 1904. The second photo is a 1957 Buick parked in front of the Brown Bag Deli...the folks that were giving out free ice cream cones to people on the tour.

The third photo is the old vinegar works in historic Dayton. The fourth photo is one of the vintage automobiles parked in front of one of the homes on the tour.

The historic homes were very impressive...but, it was really the home owners that were impressive. No snobs...just very nice people sharing their homes.

Historic Home Tour 
1957 Buick

Historic Photograph

Vintage Automobile

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