Friday, April 11, 2014

Old Town Sacramento

This is the second post featuring "Old Town Sacramento". A must place to visit if you are going to California and, a must place to visit if you are from California.

My photos are random captures of establishments, a order whatsoever.  For example, an entry to a inside mall, the Tower Bridge that spans the Sacramento River, some interesting signage, some photos inside the "Sacramento History Museum".

Make sure you read about "Dunlap's Dining Room"...fifth photo down. Sounded like a neat place to go eat in past years. They served the three same entrees from 1930 to 1968 and, there was hardly ever a vacant seat.

R.R. Exchange Bldg - Old Town Sacramento

Tower Bridge - Sacramento

Steamers Coffee & Tea Exchange - Old Town Sacramento

Old  City Kites-Old Town Sacramento

Dunlap's Lunch Counter

Dunlap's Lunch Counter

California State Railroad Museum

Sacramento Bee Museum Display

Sacramento History Museum

Sacramento History Museum

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