Friday, June 13, 2014

Whalen Island Oregon

Whalen Island, incorporated with the Clay Myer State Natural Area, on the Oregon Coast is easy to miss. It's way off the beaten path and, easy to drive by without noticing it.

It is in Tillamook County, north of Pacific City and just off of Sandlake Road. It's not even close to 101.

It is Oregon's only camping island.  And, it's quiet and peaceful because not many folks know about it. On the day I was there I saw only two campsites that were occupied.

The campground, itself is eight acres with thirty campsites. The whole site is about 200 acres along with the Myers Natural Area.

The water around the island is called "Sandlake" and is only, in general about two feet deep at high tide...but, some neat kayaking...probably best to go with someone that knows the water, though.

If you are into hiking there is a 2 1/2 mile loop trail. It was interesting that there was a warning about bear sightings and, what to do if you encounter one. My wife and I had taken a hike earlier or, we would have walked the entire loop.

To get to it, you cross a bridge into this cool setting.

Whalen Island Oregon

Whalen Island Oregon

Whalen Island Oregon - Check Out The Blue Herons - The Mainland Is Off To The Left

Whalen Island Oregon - Queen Anne And Foxgloves

Clay Myers State Natural Area

Whalen Island Oregon

Whalen Island Oregon

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