Friday, July 10, 2015

iPhone Cases That Say Something!

Why settle for an iPhone case that looks like everybody elses and...well, sucks? Featured on my website are hundreds of unique and cool designs that will separate you from the crowd. 

You can scroll through my website to find just the right one for you. It is impossible to list them all here so I included just a few samples. The cases are designed for the following models:

iPhone 6 Case 
iPhone 6 Plus Case
iPhone 5/5s Case
iPhone 5 c Case
Galaxy S4 Case
Galaxy S5 Case
Galaxy S6 Case

It will take you to the iPhone Case page on my site. There are hundreds of selections there for you to choose from. Thank you for visiting my site!
  • All iPhone cases are custom manufactured using your selected image.
  • Your iPhone case will ship out from our production facility within 1 - 2 business days of your order date. 
  • You can customize the size and position of the image on the case by clicking and dragging the image and using the horizontal scroll bar, above.
  • The case color (white or black) will only be visible if you shrink the image so that it does not fill the entire case. 
  • Each iPhone case comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee.
Below, you will find just a few iPhone design examples, with links. Of course, you can pick the image size and the background color. Here is My Thom Zehrfeld Artist Website  ! (link)

Chelsea Rose And Tall Ships
1930 A-Bone
Pogoda At The Japanese Gardens
Classic Harley Davidson
Old Caboose
49 Chevy Pickup
Humpty Dumpty Hot Air Balloon

Bandon Beach Storm
Horse Back Riding On The Beach
38 Ford Convertible
Yaquina Bay Bridge At Sunset
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