Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Buy A Cool Tee Shirt

You can now purchase a cool and quality tee shirt through my Pixel website: Thom Zehrfeld Artist Website. They come in a variety of adult and youth styles.

When you order a shirt more than likely you will be the only one on your block with any particular design on your shirt. How cool is that? In short, I do my own photography and designing and don't copy others.

I have put many examples of tee shirts below with links on where you can get them. However, I have hundreds of varied designs on my Pixel.com website for you to check out should you not find something below.

These are quality tees starting at $23.00. Order one, don't like it...there is a 30 day money back guarantee. See my Pixels.com site for details.

You can pick from different colors, style and size.  Remember there are hundreds of different designs to choose from.

Sure, you can buy six dollar tee shirts online. However, if it is not what you ordered, try calling their customer service to return it! And, how much do they want to ship a $6.00 shirt?  And, how long will that shirt last? How many washes before the design disappears?

Capn Kip (Link)Cap'n Kip is an old boat that sits in a playground in a very unusual Inn on the Oregon Coast. Kids just love the setting! Notice the diver climbing over the side of the boat. Notice the octopus on the stern, too. It's a nostalgic scene for adults also.
Carousel (Link) The carousel comes from the medieval ages and jostling. Folks would ride horses around in circles and toss balls at each other. It was a sort of a military preparation thing to sharpen one's skills. Well, today folks still run around in circles, while others throw balls at each other!
All Aboard (Link)Get ready to board an open sided excursion railroad car! Grab a picnic lunch and amble down the tracks as the locomotive winds through the mountains while you take in all the beautiful scenery! Well, that was yesterday...long ago...you might have to use your imagination a bit here. 

Humpty Dumpty Hot Air Balloon (Link)  Humpty Dumpty is making the scene at Hot Air Balloon Festival! It's a gala three day event in late spring. Kids, adults just love to watch and ride in the colorful hot air balloons.
Siuslaw Floral (Link) More beautiful flowers than you can shake a stem at...floral on the banks of the Siuslaw River on the Oregon Coast! What a fantastic setting and view! Relax and let yourself go among the flowers and the river!

ReBull T-Bucket (Link) "Rebull The Hot Rod" is just begging to race, whoever, whatever wants to race!

Old Ford Truck (Link) This old Ford truck was captured in a field in Tillamook, Oregon. It hasn't moved for years! The exposure to the weather has pretty much ran it's course. There is something about old trucks that intrigue us. Maybe, it's because they differ so much in design than the trucks produced today that basically all look alike.

Purple People Eater (Link) You have to watch out for the Purple People Eater or you will be lunch!

Red Bell (Link) Why drive one of those cars that look like everyone else's when you can have this? Why settle for the mundane? So, lets climb into the "Red Bell" and motor on down the road!

English Rose At Dawn (Link) The English Rose is one of the most vibrant flowers in the world...full of life...full of color! Don't we all want to be full of life?

Ford Edsel Ranger (Link) This is an old, I believe 1958 Ford Edsel Ranger...not a very popular car when it was manufactured. Now days it is extremely popular if you can find one! This one was found on a farm in Molalla,Oregon. Three different exposures were taken of the Edsel, processed through special software and converted to High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) which brings out more dynamics in a photo...closer to what the eyes perceive.
Impatient Begonia (Link) Begonias are among the most beautiful flowers in the world! They cheer us up when we are down.

Old 104 (Link) This is a cool old locomotive that is display on the Oregon Coast. It kind of sits of by itself...nobody really pays any attention to it!

Blue Bench In The Garden (Link) Sit back and relax in this beautiful garden. Sit on the "Blue Bench" relax and take in the gorgeous flowers that are in full bloom or, starting to bloom like the Irises in the foreground!

Red Ford (Link) This is just a beautiful hot rod sitting on a side street! Actually, it might be more accurate to say an antique car that has been restored to original condition.

Old West Wagons (Link) Step into the yesteryears with these old western wagons. What did they haul? With the wide wheels, more than likely they were used in an agricultural setting. The one in the background could have hauled water and the one in the foreground, harvested crops.

The Harley (Link)This is a gorgeous and classic Harley Davidson captured during a car show! It had been restored to perfection. Every part of it! The photo was processed through High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR). This simply means three different exposures...darker, lighter and spot on are taken of the same image and, combined in special software to bring out all the dynamics of any given subject.

1938 Packard (Link) This is a vintage 1938 Packard photographed at a Concours d'elegance! Every square inch of this beautiful Packard has been restored to perfection. Packard basically went out of business because they took the time to make an excellent product.

38 Ford Coupe (Link) This is a  beautiful 39 Ford Coupe that has been restored to perfection!  This series of Fords were produced from 1937 to 1940. Most were equipped with V8s that produced about 60 horse power.
49 Chevy Pickup (Link) This is an old 1949 Chevy Truck sitting at a vintage Flying A Service Station! The pickup is absolutely pristine...very much like the exterior and interior of the station. Inside is lots of memorabilia featuring a simpler time!

34 Chevy (Link) Check out this cool 1934 Chevy Sedan! Scoot down the road with class! This is a real head turner unlike today's cars that all look alike. The paint on this car is absolutely gorgeous! 

57 Buick (Link) Are we ready to go down the road with this cool old 57 Buick Coupe? Strapped on is a matching canoe...how neat is that? Bring a picnic lunch!

27Ford Model T (Link)This cool 27 Ford Model T is getting ready for a car show. It's kind of sitting all by itself. Nobody is really paying any attention to it but, it's ready to rumble!
Farmall Cub Tractor (Link)Just an old International Farmall Cub Tractor sitting on a farm in rural Oregon. These tractors are very popular and have been since the 1950s! So climb aboard and take a jaunt around the old farm! 

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