Monday, September 7, 2015

Bustling Yaquina Head

Yaquina Head is located in Newport on the Central Oregon Coast. The lighthouse on Yaquina Head is the most visited on the Oregon Coast.

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse has been around since 1873. It still uses its original First Order 1868 Fresnel lens. 

However, the Lighthouse is only a small part of Yaquina Head. The full name of Yaquina Head is "Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area" and is operated by the Bureau Of Land Management.

They have turned it in to a first-class area to visit with guided tours, a beautiful visitor's center and nature trails galore. There is lots of wild life to observe along with marine tide pools.

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View From Cobble Beach (Link) This is a view from Cobble Beach on the south side of Yaquina Head. The beach consists of black obsidian rocks...oblong in shape and really hard to walk on. There are tons of tide pools to investigate and, you will see seals, sea lions and a great variety of sea birds.
View from the north side of Yaquina Head. This is located right next to a severe drop off. Years ago, when I first visited, there was a vehicle at the bottom of the cliff in the water..."Bad Day At Black Rock"!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse (Link) This is a view of the lighthouse from one of the trails along the southside of Yaquina Head.

Down to Cobble Beach! Down, down you go to tide pools and Cobble Beach. What goes down must come back up!
A tad bit of spring and fog!
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