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Newport Oregon Photography By Thom Zehrfeld

Newport, Oregon is home to some fantastic photography! Since I live in Newport I can get around to some of the best places, and at different times to capture the best.

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My photography is a little different. I attempt to make my photography more like paintings than just a ordinary snapshot.

Please do not copy any of my photos without my permission. Thank you!

Below "My Lee" is one of many boats moored in the Newport Harbor. It is part of Oregon's largest fishing fleet.

The setting is early morning, on a drizzly foggy morning. Many of the boats usually moored along side the "My Lee" are out in the Pacific fishing. 

My Lee - Yaquina Bay (Link)
This "patriotic" capture was made on Newport's Historic Bayfront! The mast of an old wooden boat along with buoys and two Old Glories.

Patriotic (Link)
The Chelsea Rose, a permanently docked old fishing boat is over 100 years old. It is moored on Dock 3 on Newport, Oregon's Historic Bayfront.

For years, folks from all over have been buying freshly caught fish and crabs right off the Chelsea Rose. The boat needs extensive repairs, to the point that they are probably going to send her to the boat graveyard.

When the time comes it will sadden many because it has been a landmark on the Bayfront for so many years. Next to the Chelsea are two visiting Tall Ships..."Lady Washington" and the "Hawaiian Chieftain".

Chelsea Rose And Tall Ships (Link)
The Sail Inn is located on Newport's Historic Bayfront. It is one of those quaint places you see on the Bayfront as you are strolling from one end of it to the other.

And, it is a great place to stay because you are right in the middle of all the tourist shops, great restaurants, sea lions and fishing boats. So, they invite you to "sail inn"!

Sail Inn (Link)
Newport's harbor is home to some cool looking fishing vessels. And, most commercial fisherman take very good care of their boats.

They have too to survive out at sea. In this scene, it's raining heavily. Most boats are in, conditions at sea aren't real great and, it is probably to dangerous to go out and fish.

Evolution (Link)
"Nye Beach Bums Seaweed Bungalows" is as the name implies located in Nye Beach...a cool district in Newport. You name it "nautical-wise" and it is probably there. Rustic, quaint, big buoys, little buoys, life rings and, even an old row boat.

Nye Beach Bums Seaweed Bungalows (Link)
"Bay Street Pier" is at the west end of Newport's Historic Bayfront, kitty corner to the Coast Guard Station. It is a small pier where a cool art gallery and restaurant are located.

Folks crab and fish at the end of the pier. And, yes they catch things!

Bay Street Pier (Link)
The "Embarcadero Resort" (below) is at the east of the Historic Bayfront. As opposed to the fishing boats featured up above, these are sail boats and pleasure craft.

The Embarcadero sports nice accommodations, an excellent restaurant and even a fishing charter service. This lamp, boats and the Newport Bay Bridge are focal points along their pier.

Embarcadero - Newport (Link)
This is a capture that was made "after the sun went down"! Actually, it is sort of dark out but, the camera picked up enough light to make it an interesting shot. The Newport Bay Bridge and its reflection add ambiance.

Yaquina Bay Bridge At Sunset (Link)
This is another capture of the Newport Bay Bridge but, early in the morning. The sun is just coming over the horizon.

Early Morning Yaquina Bay Bridge (Link)
Another early morning capture of Newport's boat basin. This was taken in November whereas the sun does not come up due east and, appears to rise and set in a southeast and southwest direction.

Yaquina Bay Boat Basin (Link)
This is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse! Actually, Newport has two lighthouses. This one and the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

However, the Yaquina Head one gets all the press since it is a working lighthouse and a major tourist attraction. The Yaquina Bay one is not a working lighthouse and is slowly but surely being restored. They have a nice gift shop that is ran by volunteers.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Two (Link)
This is the view from the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse! In the background is the North and South Jetty!

View From The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (Link)
This is a one of a kind shot!  A lighthouse keeper in full array. They did away with the attire many years ago. And, he just happened to be out on the porch for me to photograph.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (Link)

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse (below) is a working lighthouse and, the most visited on the Oregon Coast. This shot was made on a late afternoon in November.  The sun is setting southwest and not west as it does during the summer months.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse At Sunset (Link)

Another vantage point of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  A marvelous place to take the family and explore!
Afternoon At Yaquina Head Lighthouse (Link)
Next, is the Newport Belle, a floating Bed and Breakfast moored in Yaquina Bay on the Central Oregon Coast! It is usually closed during the winter months but, a very cool place to stay during the spring, summer and fall tourist season. Very unique!

Early Morning Belle (Link)

Another capture of the Newport Belle with the Yaquina Bay Bridge and the South Beach Marina in the background. The clouds are coming in!
Newport Belle At Dawn (Link)
This the Public Fishing Pier that goes about halfway into Yaquina Bay. The view is from South Beach, across from the Coast Guard Station and the Bayfront.

Fishing Pier (Link)
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