Thursday, June 23, 2016

Carson City Yard Art

Carson City is the capitol of Nevada. And, it is a cool place to visit...maybe take a break from the gambling thing.

Of note, they have an absolutely first-class historic home walking tour that is second to none. You have to get yourself situated downtown. The start of it is easy to find by asking one of the locals. In fact, there are easily found, and subtle clues on the sidewalks on which way you should go.

You will be amazed at the fabulous older, significant homes which includes the Governor's Mansion. Now, you observe the homes from the outside, not by going into the homes.

You will be amazed at what you will see and learn. The "Carson City Yard Art" is at the end of tour. Of course, depending on where you start. I thought that this yard was absolutely super cool.

It was small but, whimsical! Not a "Better Homes and Gardens" type of thing but just plain down to earth, practical and fun. Maybe, just a yard whereas you grab a beverage and catch the morning rays.

Carson City Yard Art (LINK)

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