Monday, July 18, 2016

1931 Model A Ford

To me anyway, it never made sense why Model A's followed Model T's..."A" is the first letter of the alphabet.  But with heated competition from GM, Henry couldn't sit on his laurels...he had to make some improvements over the Model T real fast or, lose his place in the industry. So came the "A"!

One of the biggest improvement over the T was an electric starter. You didn't have to get out there in the rain and crank anymore. However, there were a lot more things done other than a electric starter.

One of my passions is old, classic cars and this car brings on that passion! I hope you are passionate about nostalgic cars, also!

This is one cool old car. Although, I don't think Henry envisioned the tires or, front suspension depicted here.

I captured this Model A Ford at a car show in Newport, Oregon and converted it to High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR). Newport doesn't have a ton of classic automobiles hanging around town however, the surrounding areas like Florence, which is fifty miles south on the Oregon Coast does.

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1931 Model A Ford (LINK)

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