Saturday, December 10, 2016

Willys Overland

This is a 1916 Willys Overland Roadster...a highly modified Willys with a 350 Chevy Engine! This one has a cool yellow and red paint job.

Way back in 1908, a gentleman by the name of John Willys bought the Overland Automotive Division of Standard Wheel Company. In 1912, he renamed it Willys-Overland Motor Company.

For four years,1912 to 1918, Willys was the second-largest producer of automobiles in the United States behind Ford Motor Company. The recession in 1920 did not benefit the Willys Corporation and they struggled until around 1941 when they produced the famous World War 2 Jeep!

This image has been converted to a digital painting. 

You can purchase this image in a variety of ways, wall art, life style, apparel, greeting cards, home decor, phone cases. please see the link below this image!

Willys Overland (LINK)

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