Thursday, April 13, 2017

Boardwalk Art

The scene is Bandon, Oregon...very early morning and, it is dark out!  The Coquille River is at low tide and the boat ramp, off to the right, unusable.

The cool boardwalk is an outdoor art gallery with a unique, beautiful collection of  marine life wooden sculptures, a mosaic outdoor amphitheater and, cool artisan benches along the way.

Also, on the boardwalk, is Tony's Crab Shack. It is the blue and reddish colored building with some of the best seafood on the Oregon Coast...think Dungeness Crab!

Almost in the center of this image, is a glass-sided picnic shelter allowing picnicking and river viewing during downpours. Beyond is the Pacific Ocean. It's not too far away!

You can purchase the below images in a variety of ways, wall art, life style, apparel, greeting cards, home decor, phone cases, beach. please see the links below these images and /or the slide shows below and, on the left side bar!
Boardwalk Art (LINK)
Boardwalk Art (LINK) This is a continuation of the boardwalk along the waterfront in Bandon.This capture was also made at first dawn. You can't see the Pacific Ocean in the background but, you can see the light on the horizon. Also, off to the right you can see the Coquille River Lighthouse. There is no breeze, so Old Glory is not flying. Take a look at the wonderful curves in the walkway along the marina. Bandon has a small marina and there are not too many fishing boats moored there. However, Bandon is an excellent place to go out of to fish in the ocean. The two near buildings are a restaurant to your left and the smaller building is a fishing charter service.

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