Sunday, August 27, 2017

Harbor Art

These are scenes from Yaquina Bay in Newport, on the Oregon Coast. Newport boasts the largest fishing fleet in Oregon.

However, it's not all fishing boats, e.g.; the Tall Ship below.

Chelsea Rose And The Tall Ship (LINK) The Chelsea Rose, a permanently docked old fishing boat is over 100 years old. It is moored on Dock 3 on Newport, Oregon's Historic Bayfront. For years, folks from all over have been buying freshly caught fish and crabs right off the Chelsea Rose. The boat needs extensive repairs, to the point that they are probably going to send her to the boat graveyard. When the time comes it will sadden many because it has been a landmark on the Bayfront for so many years. Next to the Chelsea is a visiting Tall Ship...the "Hawaiian Chieftain".

The Fishing Fleet In Yaquina Bay (LINK)  Easy access, a fairly tame bar to cross to the Pacific Ocean, good fishing and crabbing makes for an excellent port for the fisherman. Yaquina Bay and the Yaquina Bay Bridge are in the background. You can tell by the static crab rings on the boats that crabbing is at a standstill and many boats are in port. 

Sylvia (LINK) In February of 2014, the F/V (Fishing Vessel) Sylvia was at sea and reported taking on water, that her pumps could not stay ahead of the leak. Bad news! The Coast Guard went to the rescue. However, the crew of the Sylvia were able to fire up a third pump which helped immensely. The Coast Guard installed another pump yet, got the water level down and patched the leak. This capture has been converted to a paintography image.
Thunder (LINK) She is an old fishing vessel. Fishing is her pleasure...rain or shine! She is rough and tough but, that's what the fishing business is all about.

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