Friday, September 14, 2012

Cool Beaches In Oregon 3

This is a big, big guess: Seaside, Oregon is the most popular beach town in Oregon!  Clarify time: it's a short drive from Beaverton and Portland which are both heavily populated, well, as compared to Pudukie, Oregon..population 2. 
However, the bottom line is: It's a really cool place to visit and there is lots to places to eat....and, Seaside has all their seagulls lined up in a row...being a super nice clean place to spend some time at!
I won't even get into the superb Cajun restaurant that you may have to GPS to find.  But, find it!
Hey! This is an off Broadway shot, literally! Broadway is the main drag in Seaside. It's so early in the morning the seagulls are still asleep and not lined up like they should be. Geez! 
Cool Beaches in Oregon
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