Friday, May 31, 2013

Clackamas County Historical Museum Two

Another post with photos from the Clackamas County Historical Museum in Oregon City, Oregon. Here is the first post link: Clackamas County Historical Museum in case you missed it.

Some of the best historic-type photography I have seen anywhere was at this Museum and features a gentleman by the name of Ralph Eddy.

My wife and I didn't have a clue who he was...we do now. In a word, and even by today's standards, his work is phenomenal.

His portraiture, landscapes, whatever are crystal sharp..."tack sharp" in photography talk.  The Museum is full of his work and, if you didn't see any other exhibits, you would want to see his.

If you google him you won't find much of anything and, that's a shame!

The first photo here is his camera facing out a window. Ok, the LED display, as most folks would call it now days, results in the composition being upside down and backwards.

The third shot is an old cash register from the West Linn Water Department which is right across the Willamette River from Oregon City. In fact Eddy's camera is facing the Willamette and West Linn although, you can't make out any detail.

The fourth photos is a Native America historic hieroglyphic taken from a rock that is not shown. The fifth is a Native American carving. The last photo is the gift shop which is kind of's more like an exhibit area itself.

Some of these photos here have been converted to High Dynamic Range Photography or HDR. Meaning, three different exposures (an underexposed, an overexposed and one that is spot on). All are then processed in special software. Enjoy!

Ralph Eddy'd Camera

Ralph Eddy

Clackamas County Historical Museum 

Clackamas County Historical Museum

Clackamas County Historical Museum

Clackamas County Historical Museum

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