Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stars and Stripes

There is this place in Newport, Oregon on the Historic Bayfront where these stars and stripes fly. It is called Ocean Bleu at Gino's.

It is a seafood market and restaurant. Gino's is located on Bay Boulevard right across the street from Yaquina Bay.

Besides having great food, Gino's has rather rustic, whimsical, or what ever term you want to call their extensive decorations. Below is an old ship mast with two American Flags attached to the mast.

Mind you, the flags are not in the greatest of shape. The wind blows like mad off the bay and the weather is not conducive to keeping things looking brand new.

Anyway, I Couldn't help but capture the scene. I have a version I made into a rather large poster that hangs in my home. Everybody just loves it!
Stars and Stripes (LINK)

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